I am a geographer with specific interests in biodiversity and ecosystem services. Inspired by a couple of outstanding earth sciences teachers at high school, and with 2 degrees in geography and some very recent postgraduate studies in biodiversity, ecosystem services, and sustainability science, I have plied my trade for nearly 30 years in the field of geographical information – data, software, systems, consulting, business analysis, project management, sales.

Everything happens somewhere, and knowing where can be important. Geography provides an ideal framework for relating other fields of knowledge. It puts our understanding of natural sciences, physical processes, societies, and economies within the context of place and time. It provides the bigger picture, looks at the whole story, and helps us organise, communicate, and understand our world.

This site is a (slowly) evolving collection of thoughts and commentaries on topics and issues relating to the natural world, including topics on natural capital, the ecosystem products and service that flow it, and the biodiversity on which it depends, and also some travelogs.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a trustee of the #YorkshireRewildingNetwork, a hiker, a wildlife & nature lover, a scenery junkie, a husband, a father to 3 kids, companion to a border terrier, and a student of Shūkōkai karate. I currently undertake some volunteer wildlife surveys for a couple of projects in my local AONB.

Misty Isle musing